Barefoot GenJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey Story of a what happens to a young boy and his family when the atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima.
Beijing BicycleDramaDVDAngel Lin PG-13 Chinese with subtitles
Bend It Like BeckhamRomanceDVDMechelle Meixner  
Best in ShowComedyDVDChris Tovey PG13 "zany look at dog show participants" directed by Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guf more...
Beverly Hills ChihuahuaKids/FamilyDVDMechelle Meixner  
Castle of Cagliostro, theJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey Fun adventure story of a master thief who gets caught up in saving a princess while trying to steal more...
Chicken RunKids/FamilyDVDSean Davey Claymation story of some fiesty chickens trying to escape from the chicken farm.
Christmas Story, AClassicDVDErika Roush  
Corpse Bride (Tim Burton's)RomanceDVDMechelle Meixner  
Creature ComfortsKids/FamilyDVDSean Davey  
Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonAction/AdventureDVDSean Davey  
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonAction/AdventureDVDErika Roush  
Dan in Real LifeComedyDVDMechelle Meixner "Blissfully funny and touching" - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. This is one of my favorite chill-ou more...
Edward ScissorhandsAction/AdventureDVDMechelle Meixner  
Endless Waltz, Gundam Wing: The MovieJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Evil Dead IIHorror/SuspenseDVDBrett Roush  
ExecutionersHong KongVHSSean Davey  
Ghost in the ShellJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Golden Voyage of Sinbad, theClassicDVDSean Davey  
Grave of the FirefliesJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Green Legend RanJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Groundhog DayRomanceDVDMechelle Meixner "A romantic comedy fantasy that is Bill Murray's best screen performance." - Gene Shalit, NBC Today more...
Happy TimesComedyDVDAngel Lin Chinese with subtitles
Heroic Trio, theHong KongVHSSean Davey  
High FidelityComedyDVDChris ToveyConnie RomeroR rated romantic comedy starring John Cusack & Jack Black. Great soundtrack,too. One of my favorites more...
LabyrinthSciFi/FantasyVHSSean Davey  
LaputaJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingAction/AdventureDVDErika Roush  
Lord of the Rings: Two TowersAction/AdventureDVDErika Roush  
many varied titles...Other/MiscDVDCamille Kershner stop on by for a perusal of the choices!
Master and CommanderAction/AdventureDVDBecky Nankivell  
MatrixAction/AdventureDVDErika Roush  
Matrix ReloadedAction/AdventureDVDErika Roush  
Mummy Returns, TheAction/AdventureVHSEvelyn HuntenMichael EpsteinReally good movie, some grotesque scenes
My Life in RuinsRomanceDVDMechelle Meixner This is not near as good as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I enjoyed watching Alexis Georgoulis as ey more...
Nausicaa of the Valley of WindJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
Ninja ScrollJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
O Brother Where Art Thou?Action/AdventureVHSAdi Afek  
Only YesterdayJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
PeeWee's Big AdventureComedyVHSGriffith Tovey Rated G 1985 PeeWee Herman feature length film - Tim Burton's directorial debut (made ya look!)
Perfect BlueJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Pippi's Adventures on the South SeasKids/FamilyDVDSean Davey  
Please Save My EarthJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Porco RossoJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
Princess MononokeJapanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
Searching for Bobby FischerDramaVHSChris Tovey PG Based on the true story of 7 y/o chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin. Featuring Ben Kingsley, Laurence F more...
Star Trek: InsurrectionAction/AdventureDVDDavid ToveyJulie Duvall 
Tenchi Forever!Japanese AnimationDVDSean Davey  
The Cat in the Hat (Dr. Seuss--animated classic)Kids/FamilyDVDMechelle Meixner  
The Gods Must Be CrazyAction/AdventureDVDMechelle Meixner Comedy for all ages
the Third MiracleAction/AdventureVHSHeidi Wilson  
The Wedding DateRomanceDVDMechelle Meixner This is like a good romance novel--not food for thought, just fun when you need to super-veg.
Titan A. E.SciFi/FantasyDVDSean Davey  
Toy Story and Toy Story 2Kids/FamilyDVDSean Davey  
Wheels on MealsHong KongVHSSean Davey  
Where the Rivers Run NorthDramaVHSBecky Nankivell A bittersweet and tragic story of an unusual love and a struggle to maintain a subsistence lifestyle more...
Whisper of the HeartJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
Wing ChunHong KongVHSSean Davey  
Wing of Honneamise, theJapanese AnimationVHSSean Davey  
Zorba the GreekAction/AdventureDVDMechelle Meixner Won one Academy Award, nominated for others (in '64). A "passionate study of human nature".